Have you been eating all my biscuits, Roger Wakefield?
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A Study in Sherlock’s facial expressions (The Empty Hearse)

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"it’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn world and honestly i feel like i’m helping to take them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run through the streets. i’m helping to take them to somewhere clean."

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d o e s  i t   e v e r   s t o p ?

                            t h e   w a n t i n g   y o u ?

j: every man and woman in the world needs to know how to defend theselves, sassenach. especially those married to a fraser
c: i think i’m more  a w a r e  o f   t h a t  every day.
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I am in shock. I knew he was worried about me. Knew he wanted to talk about what had happened. But I knew if I did, if I started giving rein to my feelings, things would pour out of me that I wanted to keep locked away forever.
[Outlander Parallels - Happiness vs Distress]

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My dreams are the worst I’ve ever had. Images of the Winter Soldier fold in on each other… I see things I forgot happened. Like a door unlocking in my mind. Torture.. Slaughter.. And training others in their use..So much horror.. I wake up vomiting. And don’t feel much better afterwards. My bad dreams linger..but I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

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How long is forever?” / "Sometimes, just one second.

Alice in Wonderland

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this might not be the best idea

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